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Dear Singer ~

The Wichita Broadway Singers welcome you to join us for our Spring semester beginning on Tuesday, January 20th, at the Pleasant Valley First United Methodist Church at 1600 W 27th St N, from 7-9pm.  We begin at 7pm, take a 10 minute break at 8pm, and then resume class until 9pm.

Tuition is $50 for the semester which includes 13 weeks of classes and 4 concerts that we'll perform in December.  Checks are made payable to, "Wichita Broadway Singers", and given to our treasurer, Linda Allen.  No audition required.

Our director is Matt Hanne.  My name is Joanie Cochran, and I'm the "Den mother".  My job is to try to keep things as organized as best I can, with help from the board members, to e-mail or call (or write) the singers of any changes in plans, or remind them of upcoming events, and be of help to you, however I can. 

Having an email address that I can use helps a lot.  And if you can read music, that helps, too.  If not, you'll learn as we go along.  

Most of our concert will be Broadway music, and then we'll sing some seasonal songs of Christmas. 

Each Wednesday morning, I send out an e-mail newsletter to all of the singers that is basically for those who couldn't attend the Tuesday night class, and need to know what was covered, so all are kept in the loop.  For those without computers, I'll mail you a copy.

We sing mostly Broadway music, and also a few other types of music that are easy to learn, and fun to sing.  

We have a music library, which means you'll use the music throughout the course, to be taken home with you, once your dues have been paid, and turned in at the end of the term.    

After the 2d or 3d week, you'll receive a CD of the recorded songs we'll be learning that season so you can listen to them in your car or at home as an aid outside of the classroom.  These will also be returned at the close of our semester.  We don't have to memorize our music.  We'll use our music in concert.

At the end of each semester, a professional photographer will take our group picture after one of our concerts.  They will be made available to you at a decent price. 

Please join us to see what you think.  The first night is free, and if you'd like to join us, you can pay your dues and take your music home with you, but if you choose not to, or to have more time to think it over, please leave your music on the table.  Thank you.

At the end of the second semester, one of our concerts is called "Our Home Concert" which we have for family and friends, and sometimes we'll have a guest star.  Please come and give us a try.  We'd love to have you.

~ Joanie Cochran