About Us

The Wichita Broadway Singers is about the love of music and the joy of singing. As our name implies, we concentrate on performing Broadway musical arrangements, but our repertoire often includes music from stage, screen and television. 

In the summer of 1993, Cindy Marion, then the Education Coordinator for the Wichita Center for the Arts contacted Laura Berquist about the possibility of teaching at the Center and suggested several ideas one of which was a community chorus. They discussed all of the excellent community and professional ensembles already in residence in Wichita and determined that there might be a desire and niche among singers of all levels of musicianship to enjoy the music of the Musical Theater repertoire. Center Singers began in the fall of 1993 with 30 members, meeting as a class during the school semester at the Center.

Today, a name change or two later, the Wichita Broadway Singers continue as a strong organization with dedicated membership, led by Matthew Hanne and accompanied by Frances Sloan. Matt earned his MFA in choral direction at Wichita State University and has introduced the Singers to many new techniques he learned along the way. In addition to her talented skills at the keyboard, Frances also has a rich history of choral work. Together, they have formed a team that blends fresh ideas with experience that has created a fun environment in which to learn and perform.

Director, Matthew Hanne

Matthew R. Hanne is a Wichita native with a Bachelor of Music education from Friends University, he was a member of the Singing Quakers, Jazz Band, Jazz Choir and Concert Choir.  While at Friends, he had leading roles in, "The Marriage of Figaro", and "Little Shop of Horrors".  Matthew was choral director at Hamilton Middle School in Wichita for 3 years.  Matt got his masters degree in Choral Conducting from WSU, where he also directed the Chamber Singers.  Matthew has been involved with the Singer Quaker Alumni Choir, WSU Summer Choir, Music Theatre.  

Update:  He is also Choral Director at Independent School, and teaches vocal at Newman University.  He gives private lessons in voice, and is currently acting as Vocal Director for Music Theatre for Young People.

Accompanist, Harriet Hickman

Harriet is a native Kansas and has lived in Wichita the last 30+ years.  She graduated from KU in secondary education and taught HS English a couple of years.  After that she went to business school for court reporting and worked in the Tulsa Juvenile Court as a reporter for several years.  She moved to Wichita to study gerontology at WSU, and completed her master’s degree.  Her interest in music, accompanying in particular, has been continuous, starting out playing for her Junior High Choir!  She's also studied organ and served as the organist at 1st Presbyterian Church, Arkansas City, for over 20 years.  For the last 15 years she has accompanied the choirs at Goddard High School and accompanies the Wichita Choral Society.  Her other big interest is dogs; she can't wait to get her next one!

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors keep the organization running, coordinating the behind-the-scenes activities that make our organization hum. They manage our membership, coordinate our music library, find and book our events, and keep us within our budget.

Back: Deedee Evans, Cathy Woodring, Norma Sellers, Mary White, Susan Kadison, Matthew Hanne
Front: Connie Byrne, Linda Allen, Robert Hagadorn, Jon Callen, Joanie Cochran